Whitewater rafting was another activity we would do as a family growing up. I still remember how terrified and thrilled I was as a kid. They have all different levels to check out in the Chattanooga area.

I didn’t know what to expect. I was excited, but anxious about falling into the river. The nice breeze and splashes from the river thrilled me. I couldn’t believe the view: giant rocks like meatballs on spaghetti that seemed neverending. Trees hugging the riverbank, moving with a gentle breeze.

After a few minutes of instructions from our guide, Chaz, and some practice rowing together, the raft made contact with the water for the first time. Chaz gave clear instructions, and we felt like we could trust him to get us safely over the rapids.

At the first rapid we rescued a man who had fallen out of another raft. The rapid had caught him, sucked him in, and flipped him a few times. Chaz immediately brought out a rope and launched it through the air, across the river, and right into the hand of the man. We pulled him over and into the raft.

This adventure never felt boring. Excitement was all around us as we dipped down into small waterfalls or wove our way between rocks. We fought through the rapids without anyone falling, shared a few laughs, and admired the beauty of the trip.     – Marco

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