We love the Southwest because we have a ton of amazing spots within a short drive. But living in the desert climate means temperatures swing drastically. Once the sun sets, it gets really cold (okay, maybe it’s relative and not cold at all if you’re from the northeast). Having the right gear is important in helping us stay comfortable and warm.

On our last outing to the local park, we bundled up in our new L.L. Bean gear and brought layers. During the day, we shed some of the warmer layers, but towards sunset, we were so happy we brought them. I loved my new poncho and Jacob is obsessed with his new Quilted Sweatshirts (he wants more colors).

If you live in colder areas, it doesn’t mean you can’t explore the outdoors. We just ensure that we are bundled up and have a bit more gear, like crampons, hand warmers, and hats and gloves.

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